Healing. <br> One Bowl at a Time.

One Bowl at a Time.

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Why BrothMasters Bone Broth?

  • Small batch, Big Flavor.
  • Slow and low simmered for 48 hours
  • Made with only organic ingredients and a lot of TLC
  • Best nutritional value on the market containing; collagen, amino acids, glucosamine chondroitin, protein and calcium. 
  • NO Processors, NO Copackers. Every batch is artisanally prepared by BrothMasters Mom, Dorothy.
  • Organic Vegetables, Non-GMO, No Antibiotics, No Hormones, healthy, pasture-raised bones.
  • We do not shelf stabilize, dehydrate, or pasteurize our broth. BrothMasters Bone Broth is REAL FOOD, shipped to you in a frozen state.
  • Unique to our bone broth are high levels of calcium (30% daily recommended value in 8oz) and sulfated GAGs—an important anti-inflammatory.
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Healing. One <br>Bowl at a Time.

The amazing health
benefits of bone broth.

Our Happy Customers

Only thing I ate when I had COVID

I LOVE your bone broth. Worth it! The only thing I ate when I had COVID-19.


The Bone Broth is delicious and I find it helpful with my digestion/diverticulitis issues. Thank you for making this product!!!

Tastes like healing

I'm so happy I ordered from Laya and Dorothy. The broth is delicious and I love knowing it was made with great ingredients, lots of love and such great intentions! Thank you!

I Love Your Product

I LOVE to start my day with your bone broth. It is delicious and satisfying. Thank you for producing such an excellent product.


I have tried many bone broths and this one is truly the best!

the best bone broth I've had

super easy ordering process. delicious.
love the packaging-comes in resealable pouches.


So easy to use and tasty!

Our Story

Meet Laya and Dorothy, the mother/daughter duo behind BrothMasters. Based in Michigan and NYC, these two ladies have created the best tasting, and most nutritious bone broth out there.

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