Broth Masters: Our Story

Dorothy + LayaBroth Masters is a Bone Broth company developed by Dorothy and Laya Barak, a mother-daughter team. We have always been passionate about creating and eating foods that are not only delicious but fuel and heal our bodies. Our bone broth recipe was perfected when Laya went through her own health issues after major ankle surgery in 2012. The surgery caused inflammation, aggravating Laya’s Crohn’s. Through Dorothy’s passion for healthy cooking and Laya’s certification in Integrative Health, we created a bone broth that was originally formulated to soothe gastrointestinal inflammation, but in doing so, we created a product that does so much more.

"Perfecting the broth has become my passion." - Dorothy, Co-Founder

We use only the very finest ingredients, cooking the bones for a min. of 48 hours, adding ingredients in stages, at carefully controlled temperatures, to create a bone broth that is not only nutritious but strengthens your body and improve your health. We do this by giving you important nutrients and minerals in a soluble form for maximum absorption.

Working with a food scientist, Dorothy has been able to increase the anti-inflammatory properties, as well as infuse calcium into the broth. This process allows us to be the only calcium rich bone broth on the market today. With Laya handling the business side of the company, this powerful mother/daughter team are out to share their knowledge of integrative nutrition and create delicious foods that have nutrients that soothe and heal the body.