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Treat this food like medicine.
This stuff is worth every penny when you are sick. My son couldn’t eat when he was on chemo, and this was the only thing he could keep down. Prevented him from needing a feeding tube. There are things in bone broth that soothe and heal the gut. I am using it now after an awful bout of food poisoning. I started feeling different right away, and my stomach didn’t cramp up when I ate it. You can absolutely learn to make bone broth, but for me, Dorothy and her daughter’s time is worth the money! (And I am not overflowing with extra money). This food is good medicine and this company was a godsend to me. - Healing Customer

I know it was a major part of my healing process.
In 2014, I was diagnosed with Lymphoma, while I was going through conventional treatments, as an Eastern health practitioner, I knew there was more to be done. I researched bone broth and it’s benefits. I found Broth Masters, and compared to many others before wholeheartedly deciding this was the company to use. Broth Masters worked closely with food scientists to create the most authentic broth. I had already had a clean system, and gut, so knew it would absorb the benefits of the collagen & gelatin on the entire body: (decreasing inflammation, promoting gut/digestive health, supports bone & joint health, hair/nail growth, and supports sleep.) Undergoing some serious treatments where all systems were in jeopardy, I knew including bone broth in my regimen would be pivotal to my bodies ability to strengthen and heal itself. I drank 2 cups of the broth through my illness and recovery. I know it was a major part of my healing process. I have continued to use the broth through childbirth, any other illnesses that my family or I have gotten. Not only do we drink it, we cook with it. My entire family, my son, dog- we all have seen the benefits of the broth. As a practitioner I also know the medical implications the broth and routinely recommend my patients to incorporate bone broth into their treatment plans for many conditions and illnesses. I truly believe bone broth is life changing and essential to restore and maintaining good health. I am grateful to Broth Masters for their amazing broth and how they have impacted my life and survival. -- Anonymous

You’ve helped heal my whole family.
We are so grateful to you! My sister actually makes excellent bone broth and has been for years (she saves bones and veggie scraps in the freezer), but when her family got covid, she needed something easy. Plus, her hubby had a heart attack last year and must do low sodium. We love that your broth is low sodium. My mother has lost most of her sense of taste and has lost too much weight, your broth is something she looks forward to. She needs vitamins, nutrients and collagen! Thank you so much! – Tracy G.

We Love this broth!
My husband and I look forward to having a bowl or cup of Bone Broth. We love the taste, and we feel full after just a cup. I have only one time added some chicken and vegetables to the broth to make it into a dinner. However we both like the broth as is better. Eventually I will experiment with making it into some kind of a stew, but for now the broth alone is fine. -- Boz S.

How Bone Broth Saved my Gallbladder
I was told by my physician that I would need my gallbladder removed because of an abnormal HIDA scan. I was diagnosed with biliary dysplasia…meaning my gallbladder wasn’t releasing enough bile to help in my digestion of food. My symptom was flank pain associated with every meal I would eat. My husband, who is a personal trainer and has known Dorothy’s husband Eddy for 26 years mentioned my symptoms and Eddy told him about Dorothy and Laya’s bone soup. Within 3 weeks of eating 2 servings a day of their soup my symptom completely abated. Needless say I am not having my gallbladder removed! Their kitchen stove soup is blossoming into a multi-state business that is helping many. -- Lauren V.

Great for the whole family!!
I have recently become a breast cancer survivor. My mom told me about you guys and the bone broth and what it is supposed to do for you. I watched my mom use it for a month and she looks and feels so great!! My husband and I absolutely love the bone broth. Our three kids wanted to try it, and now they love it too. So we will be ordering a lot from you guys. -- Rajah H.

New Year’s Resolution
Bone broth was one of my resolutions and it is delicious! -- Cheryl H.

Bone Broth to the Rescue
I have struggled with stomach issues for years. Eating Broth Masters bone broth has dramatically improved my quality of life. I wish I would have found this years ago. Shipping the broth out of state is very convenient and the containers stay frozen during shipment. -- Charlie S.

Awesome product!
I love the broth and am very impressed with the level of customer service!! -- Mary S.

This broth is fantastic
The broth makes me feel stronger and more energetic. I know it is helping my digestion. I try to have some every day. -- Joan B.

The best broth you can buy!
I have one or two cups of broth per day and I love it. It has a rich, homemade taste that is far superior to any other broth on the market. I have struggled with acid reflux for years and it is much improved after adding this broth to my daily routine. Also, this broth makes you feel full to support a healthy diet. I love knowing that I am getting a great nutritional boost in such an enjoyable way. This is really a great investment in your health. -- Donna B.

Best Bone Broth on the Market
I’m an Acupuncturist and have been recommending bone broth to my clients for years. I’ve also been trying different companies out there but nothing compares to the quality of the Broth Masters product. The customer service is impeccable - Its just a really great product and a really well run company. -- Erika W.

Addicted !!!
My 4th time of purchasing 8 bags at a time ! It's my morning and snack " go to " !! Add some turmeric , cayenne, and ginger to make it even healthier ! -- Lori K.

At least TRY it!! - It does Work!
I was skeptical, but was willing to try it considering my joint pain as a 25 year old. Typically very healthy otherwise, but I did not want to revert to pain killers for achy joints. I started a small 1 week sample, with no results. I then got a 1 month pack, and after about 3-4 weeks I could feel the difference. I am close to 6 weeks in, and back to working out daily working out my legs normally - something I haven't been able to do in 6 months. Nothing else in my diet has changed. I'm sure it helps with other things as well that I don't notice, but for me, it significantly improved my issues. -- Ujwal V.

As a personal trainer and Holistic Lifestyle Coach, I recommend Bone Broth to all my clients. I would recommend Broth Masters Bone Broth to them before I would suggest they try to make it on their own. This tastes better than any other bone broth I have had and has made a significant change in my own inflammation. Highly recommend this to my clients and anyone else looking to heal their gut!!! -- Brian M.

Bone Broth of Postpartum Healing
I treated myself to 40 days of Broth Masters bone broth after my second baby arrived two weeks ago and, I kid you not, I have to remind myself that I just had a baby. My energy level is so much better than after my first child, even though I am now chasing a 4 yo and minding a fussy, sleep-fighting newborn. Other perks: I feel freakin fantastic for getting 3 hours of sleep a night on average, my skin is so incredibly soft and smooth… how is this even possible I’m going to do an Ironman race next week. Not true, but I feel like I could. This bone broth, with its high nutrient value, is profoundly restorative, and I am so grateful for the product and the people behind it- THANK YOU! -- Sara L.

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