Why try The Broth of Life Bone Broth? Here are 5 reasons!

  1. Our Bone Broth is PACKED with Collagen. Collagen has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and helps coat the lining of your gut. It acts as a glue for your gut as well as your joints, tendons and skin to help repair any ailments.
  2. Your Gut is like your second brain. If there is any inflammation, your body won’t function at it’s optimal level. By drinking our broth on a regular basis, it can help heal and seal your gut making your body happy and healthy:)
  3. CALCIUM! Unlike many other bone broths; after testing our nutrition facts, our broth has 25% of your daily calcium intake in ONLY 8 OUNCES!!! Calcium is so important for bone health and new studies show you should not take calcium supplements but instead get it through food.
  4. PROTEIN, PROTEIN, PROTEIN! In only 8 ounces our broth is packed with 10 GRAMS of protein and is extremely absorbable and easily digested in your body.