Is bone broth really calcium rich?

Considering bone broth for your January reset?

Then enjoy our last post before we take a holiday break, which is all about calcium!

When you google the health benefits of bone broth, one of the consistent claims you will see is that it is “calcium rich.”

Now, given the key roles that calcium plays in bone strength, blood clotting, and nerve signaling, a real food source sounds great. 

(Especially since calcium in supplement form has been linked to heart attacks and strokes according to Harvard Medical School.)

 There’s just one problem: 

Most of the bone broths you can buy are really quite low in calcium.

There are popular broths in stores from coast to coast with just 2% of the recommended daily value (RDV). And many brands state right on their nutritional labels that they are “not a significant source” of calcium at all. 

When we started Broth Masters, Laya and I wanted to create a truly calcium rich broth that people could use for wellness. 

We knew that despite the concerning studies on supplements, calcium from food does serious good. On top of helping with osteoporosis, it has even shown protective effects against colon cancer. 

A study in The Annals of The New York Academy of Sciences, for instance, says: “Convincing evidence is available showing that dietary calcium and vitamin D impede the development of colonic carcinogenesis.” 

Between our 48 hour cook times, pasture raised chicken bones, grass fed beef bones, copious amounts of veggies, and a few secrets that shan't be named...we cracked the code on elevating the calcium in each pouch. (Rest assured: all the calcium comes from the bones, the veggies, and how we cook them. No outside calcium added!)

That’s why one mug of Broth Masters gives you 30% of the RDV for calcium. 

We haven’t checked every store in the country, but we’re pretty positive that Broth Masters has the most of anyone.


It’s the real thing: hearty, homemade bone broth shipped frozen from our kitchen to yours. 

Try some next month and see how you feel!

Warmest holiday wishes,

-Dorothy & Laya