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Marni on the Move | Laya Barak: On Broadway Bares, Broth Masters & Saying Yes!

Hear from Laya Barak, the multi-talented daughter in the mother-daughter duo behind Broth Masters. Laya was interviewed on the Marni on the Move Podcast which you can listen to, here:

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Laya Barak has been dancing since the age of two. Today, she is a well-known choreographer, dancer, Pilates instructor, and entrepreneur. Her passion for choreography and dance brought her to NYC from her hometown in Detroit, Michigan where she learned from some of the most talented people in the business. She made a quick pit stop in between at Indiana University, where she ended up developing the modern dance major and curriculum, because there wasn’t one at the time! Today, Laya is the Director of Broadway Bares (Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids Annual Fundraiser), where she was a choreographer, prior to directing the show. She is a Hip Hop Dance Teacher at Steps on Broadway, where she has been teaching for over a decade.

Laya is also the Co-Founder of Broth Masters, a bone broth company she launched with her mother, Dorothy in 2015. After an injury and ankle surgery triggered her Crohn's Disease in 2012. Laya and her Mother turned to homemade bone broth to help her reduce inflammation and get the nutrients she needed into her body to help her heal.  It was a true game changer for her health and career.

On today’s episode I sync up with Laya about her passion for choreography and dance, her journey from Detroit to NYC, pursuing her dream career, building a business with her mom, how her battle with Crohn's Disease inspired innovation, the healing power of bone broth and the delicious nutrient dense ingredients in Broth Masters, and her philosophy around saying YES!

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