Nourishing Mama and Baby with Broth Masters Bone Broth

Nourishing Mama and Baby with Broth Masters Bone Broth

Broth Masters Bone Broth isn't just any broth – it's a powerhouse of nourishment for
postpartum wellness, nursing mothers, and even fetal tissue support. Broth Master Bone
Broth is real food, not pasteurize, shelf stabilized or dehydrated. It’s the Perfect Postnatal
Recovery Superfood; a convenient and nourishing option in a bio absorbable form.
Here's why it's the perfect addition to your postnatal routine:

Nutrient Support:

Our bone broth is bursting with essential nutrients like calcium,
magnesium, and phosphorus – key players in bone health and postpartum recovery.
With a remarkable 30% DV of calcium, it replenishes what's lost during nursing,
promoting strong bone development for both mama and baby. It also has 4%
magnesium and 20% phosphorus, which provides vital support for bone health and
postpartum recovery. The other top bone broth brands have 2% or 0% calcium and no
Magnesium or phosphorus. These nutrients are Building blocks for healthy strong bone
development, the extra calcium replaces the calcium leached from the bones during
nursing. These essential minerals seep into the broth during preparation, offering the
foundational elements necessary for healthy bone development. Ideal for postpartum
recovery and overall bone health.

Collagen and Protein for Tissue Repair:

Say hello to faster healing! Our bone broth
is rich in collagen and protein, aiding in the repair of connective tissues and easing
postpartum stress on joints and ligaments. Plus, it's a boon for fetal tissue development,
nurturing both mama and baby from within. We have 17 grams of protein in our chicken
bone broth per serving and 14 grams in our beef and chicken.

Nutrient-Rich Hydration: Hydration is crucial, especially during breastfeeding. Our
bone broth delivers essential electrolytes like sodium, potassium, and magnesium,
keeping you hydrated and energized throughout the day. It's a refreshing sip of wellness
for the busy mama.

Immune System Boost:

Let's strengthen those defenses! Packed with critical amino
acids, our bone broth supports your immune system, providing an extra layer of
protection for you and your newborn. It's your shield against postpartum infections and

Postnatal Superfood:

Consider it your secret weapon for postpartum recovery. Our
bone broth is a treasure trove of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids – everything you
need to support lactation and overall well-being. It's the ultimate nourishment for mama
and baby, all in one comforting bowl.
Incorporate the nourishing benefits of Broth Master Bone Broth into your postpartum
and breastfeeding journey for optimal support and wellness. It's not just a meal – it's a
gesture of love for you and your baby. 


Check out this amazing testimonial by one of our own Broth Masters customers! 

Bone Broth of Postpartum Healing

"I treated myself to 40 days of Broth Masters bone broth after my second baby arrived two weeks ago and, I kid you not, I have to remind myself that I just had a baby. My energy level is so much better than after my first child, even though I am now chasing a 4 yo and minding a fussy, sleep-fighting newborn. Other perks: I feel freakin fantastic for getting 3 hours of sleep a night on average, my skin is so incredibly soft and smooth… how is this even possible I’m going to do an Ironman race next week. Not true, but I feel like I could. This bone broth, with its high nutrient value, is profoundly restorative, and I am so grateful for the product and the people behind it- THANK YOU!" -- Sara L.