Broth Masters Green Juice Smoothie

Broth Masters Green Juice Smoothie

Sounds a little crazy but it’s a great way to bring your smoothie to the next level and continue to get the benefits of Broth Masters Bone Broth. Since our broth has a lot of garlic and onions in the broth it works best in a green juice. Think of it as a cold soup like vichyssoise.

Put everything into your blender or vitamix and blend until smooth.

3 leaves of Kale

1 cup spinach

3 carrots

½ golden beet

1 apple

½ of an english cucumber

Fresh Ginger (I used a piece which was a little less then a tablespoon)

1/8 cup lemon juice

1 cup ice

¼ cup bone broth

Enjoy, knowing you are getting a complete meal in a low calorie drink.