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Summer Bone Broth Muscle Recovery Soup

After coming home from a long, hot, humid bike ride, completely depleted, this recipe came to mind. Looking to replenish electrolytes (potassium, phosphates, magnesium, calcium and sodium) and fluid as well as protein to heal tired muscles. BrothMasters Bone Broth, is loaded with electrolytes.

16 oz. BrothMasters bone broth (either flavor)
1/2 c. cannellini beans (extra protein)
Leftover orzo (or any other pasta or rice)
Handful of spinach (or kale or other greens)
Handful of fresh cilantro
Salt + pepper to taste

1. Pour broth into a soup pot
2. Add beans, and leftover orzo
3. Add fresh greens, and salt + pepper to taste
4. Keep heat on a low simmer throughout
5. For a creamier texture, use immersion blender

Within 15 minutes the soup was ready and recovery could begin! Woke up the next day ready to do another 60 miles on the bike. Not bad for an old lady on Medicare.