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Ultimate Muscle Recovery Drink

BrothMasters Bone Broth: The Ultimate Recovery Drink

For all the athletes out there, we know that it's training season. That mean training for Marathons, IRONMAN competitions, or like BrothMasters, intense 50+ mile bike rides. Following intense workouts, it is important to restore fluids and electrolytes lost in sweat and provide protein to help repair damaged muscle tissue. BrothMasters Bone Broth is the perfect recovery drink, since it contains all of these elements in a soluble, easily absorbed form. Our bone broth contains 14 gm of protein per cup as well as the following electrolytes:

  • Calcium 300mg per cup
  • Magnesium 38mg per cup
  • Phosphorus 180mg per cup
  • Potassium 290mg per cup
  • Sodium 150mg per cup

Leave those sugary drinks and bars behind, and upgradeĀ to a soothing, healing cup of BrothMasters Bone Broth.