May 05, 2023

REVEALED: Why Is BrothMasters So Garlicky?

Have you found BrothMasters to have a garlicky taste? Customers sometimes write in asking us why this is such a pronounced flavor in our broth. Well, it’s no accident — garlic has some impressive clinically-studied benefits. And we are big believers in its power to promote healing. So today we’re digging...

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MAR 30, 2023

Carrots: A Beauty & Healing Secret of BrothMasters

If you’re using BrothMasters for skin support, it’s probably for the collagen, right? Well, what if we told you that another ingredient we put into the pot packs just as much of a beauty punch? And what if that ingredient turned out to be lots and lots of carrots? It’s...

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FEB 23, 2023

There’s A Reason There’s (Lots Of) Bay Leaves In BrothMasters

Laya and I pride ourselves on making our bone broth as medicinal as possible. Whether you’re cooking with it or drinking it solely to heal, we want BrothMasters to do you lots of good. And the little-known truth is, there’s more to a medicinal bone broth than the bones (although...

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DEC 01, 2022

Why BrothMasters Is Different Than Shelf-Stabilized Grocery Store Bone Broth

We hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving! We certainly did, and today, we’re excited to share some insight on the unique way that we prepare BrothMasters bone broth. There are genuine nutritional differences between our broth (living food shipped frozen) and the shelf-stable kind at the grocery store. BrothMasters...

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