Bone Broth: Perfect For Growing Bodies

If you’re reading this, you’re probably well aware of bone broth working wonders for the way adults look, feel, and live.

What you may not know (but soon will!) is that it might be even better for your kids.

It’s no secret that the food your kids eat now influences how healthy they are as adolescents and adults. (Not to mention which foods they enjoy eating.) 

And when you take a closer look at the nutritional powers of bone broth, it’s clear that there are significant benefits to working it into their diets today. 

Let's start with something that’s on all of our minds nowadays –– immunity. 

According to Johns Hopkins assistant professor of pathology Dan Peterson, “a huge percentage of your immune system is actually in your GI tract.” In other words: your gut!

That’s a big deal, because infants are born with a permeable gut that gradually seals as they move through infancy. The same amino acids that make bone broth so helpful for adults with a leaky gut may benefit your baby as well. 

(Also –– in case you’re curious –– bone broth is safe to give to babies as soon as they start eating solid foods, or around the six-month mark.)

Strong immunity also requires a wide range of vitamins and minerals from food. However, your kids only benefit from the nutrients that their bodies successfully absorb –– and bone broth is a great source of bioavailable nutrients in a very easy-to-digest form.

Bone broth supports strong teeth and skeletal growth, too.

A mug of Broth Masters (unlike other broths) contains 30% of the Recommended Daily Value of calcium. Plus 20% of the RDV of phosphorus, and 4% of the RDV of magnesium.

All three are essential for strong bones and teeth. And you’ll be hard-pressed to find them in a form that’s easier for still-developing digestive systems to process.

If you don’t do dairy, bone broth is an excellent substitute. When you factor in all the collagen, as well as the glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, you’re looking at a true bone building superfood!

Additionally, pediatrician Katherine Erlich MD (who practices out of one of the largest holistic medical centers in the Midwest) gives a great baby formula recipe combining beef liver and bone broth in her interview on the Healing Corner podcast. 

Last but not least, what about making sure your kids aren’t (or don’t become) picky eaters?

Okay –– we can’t make any promises here (sorry!) but keep this in mind.

Until they start eating solids, all babies know is the sweetness of breast milk or formula. Giving them bone broth expands their palate by getting them familiar with more savory notes.

Even if your kids are older, bone broth kicks healthy recipes up a few notches nutrient and flavor-wise!

How big of a difference would it make if they started looking forward to food that was good for them? 

If you’re looking for a tasty way to get your kids important nutrients that aren’t found in other foods, bone broth is tough to beat. 

Our delicious Chicken and Beef + Chicken blends go great in a mug or swirled into your favorite dishes.  

We pride ourselves on being one of the only (if not THE only) bone broth that’s cooked for 48 hours –– with grass-fed, pasture-raised bones and organic vegetables for ultimate nutritional value. 

If you’re considering bone broth at all, trust us: Broth Masters is the real thing.

Your kids will love how it tastes! 


-Dorothy & Laya