“Why Doesn’t Broth Masters Gel?” (Answer: IT DOES!)

It’s time to clear up a long-running myth about Broth Masters.

As you probably know, a strong sign of bone broth’s quality is whether it gels when cooled.

If it does, you know you’re getting lots of gelatin, collagen, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine, calcium, and all the other healing agents that bone broth is known for.

If it doesn’t (as is often the case with shelf-stable broths) then, well, you really can’t say.

People often ask why Broth Masters doesn’t gel, but the truth is IT DOES –– and we’ll prove it!

Broth Masters was developed to be a healing bone broth that not only contains collagen but also has other healing properties derived from our mindfully added ingredients.

We start with grassfed beef bones and pasture raised chicken bones, including the collagen-rich connective tissue.

“Okay”, you might say. “Then how come when I get my Broth Masters, it doesn’t gel?”

The answer is that it does –– BEFORE we infuse the veggies and herbs!

From our Instagram:

Go ahead: click above and watch our broth jiggle in all its gelatinous glory! 😍

What you are seeing is a pot of Broth Masters prior to the infusion of bay leaves, garlic, carrots, onions, celery, and peppercorns.

Every time we make a batch, we remove some of the broth before infusing to check its consistency.

At this point, the broth has a super saturated molecular bond holding or “gelling” it together.

If we shipped it to you that way, the broth would gel like it does here, and it would still be quite nutritious.

But a significant amount of Broth Masters’ nutrient profile comes from the veggies and herbs that we infuse next.

Instead of adding these right at the beginning, we infuse at specific times and temperatures (informed by our food scientist) to preserve their nutritional value.

What’s vital to understand is that the gelatin, collagen, and other healing properties ARE NEVER LOST.

When we infuse veggies and herbs into the broth, the gelatin breaks down and changes in texture.

But the collagen remains in the liquid even when it is broken down by these other molecules.

It’s simply weighed down by the copious amounts of veggies that we add, which is the only reason it won't gel in your fridge.

In fact, other broths that do gel but aren’t infused with veggies have less total nutrition!

So you see, in our case, the lack of gelling does not mean a lack of healing.

Quite the opposite –– it means that Broth Masters is BEYOND broth.

It has collagen and so much more, as the links above show!

We created our recipe to make sure everyone could experience the benefits of authentic bone broth.

Once we process the vegetables in, the molecular bond from the video breaks up, but all the gelatin is still there.

So you can trust that you are consuming a rich, gelatinous, collagen-filled bone broth.

There would frankly be no other way to explain the stories on this page.

Why not taste (and feel) the difference for yourself?❤️


-Dorothy & Laya